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Commercial Law

Top quality commercial law information – This Site goal to provide a quick service. If work is required urgently, or by a specific day, please discuss your needs with the lawyer before sending papers to guarantee any kind of due dates could be fulfilled.

Network Communications – This Site is completely computerised and our electronic journal is accessible by all participants of This Site from their work desks. All email contact are by means of the network centres and also enable participants to transfer as well as get faxes without leaving their work desks. We have accessibility to Lexis and also the Web and also all participants have the ability to access these services. Information could be transferred swiftly with our ADSL center.

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E-mail – We encourage the use of email. All members of This Site can be reached by utilising the address info@littmanchambers.com. For individual addresses, see entries of private members.


Voicemail – This Site is fully functional with voicemail which gives out of hours accessibility to participants of This Site.


Fees – Fees depend upon a number of variables, such as the moment taken. Members will certainly be pleased to provide advice on fees by reference to per hour prices.


Direct Access – This Site accepts papers under the overseas regulations and also from various other professionals with direct accessibility to the Bar.


Foreign Languages – By plan instructions could be approved with untranslated documents in Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Gloss, Russian and Spanish.


Arbitration – This Site will give mediators to sit ad hoc or under any type of Institute rules in the house or abroad, consisting of researched and relevant articles readily available for adjudications in French and also German, and is able to review papers in his other languages.   French , Polish, Islamic Adjudication regulation and also is able to review documents in Arabic and also French.


Talking – This Site is able to offer members to lecture on their specialist topics in any language in which they are proficient.


Word Processing – To prevent retyping, work can be returned on disk or via email. We will certainly transform text to run on most preferred word processing programmes. We are additionally pleased to get documents such as draft evidences of evidence on disk or via e-mail.


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